24 Hour Emergency Response

Do you own a licence premises with little or no door security budget? Then we have a solution for you to keep you and your customers safe.

Our 24 hour economy response officers offer a unique and reliable service for venues that are in need of reducing their door costs. The service we provide means that you open your venue safely and with peace of mind with minimal or no door staff. Not only do we provide a presence to deter anti-social behaviour, with regular visits to your premises throughout the day/night, but we have a rapid response time that will enable us to arrive at your venue as soon as trouble has been spotted, to intervene and deescalate a potential conflict situation.

We also work alongside other door security companies to offer that extra layer of protection and assistance as required. We understand that your venues door team have many responsibilities on a typical shift; searches, id checks, ejections, capacity checks… the list goes on. With everything going on at once, it’s easy to let their guard down.

So, we are here to help; a 24 hour emergency response team ready to deal with customers that have been removed by your venues door team so that they can concentrate on keeping your venue running smoothly and the customers inside safe.

We also offer a K9 response service; available at additional cost.

Our officers are Covid-19 ready with all their own PPE, so rest assured they are able to do their job safely and efficiently.

To find out more about what we offer and our rates, call us on 0800 955 0032 or email info@prioritysecuritygroup.co.uk.